Evergreen Brewing


Early in 2008, four friends came together to embark on a homebrew journey. All had different ideas on what home brewing would provide; a new hobby, cheap beer, flavorful beer, something made together, control over what we will drink, etc. The four friends all pitched in to buy a 5-gallon system from the local homebrew shop. Brewing commenced thereafter with mixed results. Two of the four original investors decided not to participate in the brewing on a regular basis, leaving the now Head Brewers Lee and Wilen to continue brewing.

As new, simple batches were created, the desire to upgrade to better brewing methodologies and equipment tempted Head Brewers Lee and Wilen. The two started conducting partial-mash brewing and quickly decided to "do what the pro's do" and upgrade to an all-grain system (refer to the Equipment page for info on the brew system). Once the all-grain system was in place, brews were created and consistency improved.

After nearly two years of extract, partial mash, and all-grain brewing, Head Brewers Lee and Wilen decided to create an organized home brewing name. A number of names were considered, but "Evergreen Brewing" was decided as most appropriate - to define and pay homage to our home state and locale. Evergreen Brewing was born.

At its current state, Evergreen Brewing is not a company, but rather dedicated individuals working to create first-class homebrewed beers to drink and share with friends and family.