Evergreen Brewing

Our Beers

Evergreen Brewing is committed to making great drinking beers. Recipe inspiration often comes from personal preferences, commercial brews, friends & family, or the random "what can we make with these ingredients" brew. There are a number of brews we like and continue to make as desired. Other brews are one-off types and you'll only see them around as long as they last on tap, generally due to the "likeability" (aka: how good it tastes).

Some recipes below have the ProMash software PDF printout/details for that particular brew. It will show the ingredients and methodology of that particular brew. Not all have recipes uploaded yet, but if you would like more information, please contact Head Brewer Lee or Wilen.

Year-Round Brews
Simply said...we like these beers. They are our best recipes and are made more frequently.

Seasonal or Special Release Brews
These special brews only grace the taps or bottles occasionally.
Planned Brews
These are brews that haven't been made yet but we are planning on it!
  • Cascade Copper Ale
  • Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter+
  • NW Hop Eruption IPA
+ Denotes collaborate beer with Laughing Frog Brewing

If you are a home brewer and would like more information on one of our particular brews or recipes, please contact Evergreen Brewing - EB will share any recipe - just ask.

Recipe Formulation

All of Evergreen Brewing's beers are all-grain batches that are composed of four primary ingredients: Grain, Hops, Yeast, and Water.

Primary Ingredients

  • Grains - Barley, wheat, or rye
  • Hops - There are dozens of varieties, many of which are grown in Washington's own Yakima Valley. EB supports our local hop growers by buying nearly 100% local Washington hops.
  • Yeast - Either dry or liquid yeasts. Most brews include a "Yeast Starter" for additional yeast cell propagation.
  • Water - Direct from the great Redmond Watershed or Spada Lake Reservoir. Adjustments are rarely done, however are included for certain styles of beer.

Additional Ingredients
Other ingredients may be added to a batch on a beer-by-beer basis. These additions primarily provide additional flavors, however they can assist to elevate or reduce certain flavors, impact standard beer style characteristics, increase or decrease overall alcohol percentage, and to clarify the beer.

  • Honey
  • Fruit
  • Spices
  • Flaked grains (oats, barley, wheat, corn/maize)
  • Irish Moss
  • Yeast nutrients

Specialty Ingredients

Evergreen Brewing is great friends with Jim Ladd, the Owner of Cascade Beer Candi Company. They make small-batch candi syrups that will add unique flavors to your handcrafted beer. Their syrups are made with 100% pure cane sugar for purity and incredible flavor. Each small batch of handmade syrup is slow cooked to give your beer a distinct flavor. We exclusively use their candi syrup products in our beers. Evergreen Brewing often uses the Blonde Syrup in our IPA and the cocoa nibs syrup in a limited release Sasquatch Stout variation. Make sure to check them our for your brews!

You can also find Cascade Beer Candi Company at: