Evergreen Brewing

Head Brewers

Evergreen Brewing has two Head Brewers in charge of all the preparation, brew-day, maintenance, supplies, and cleaning procedures. EB's Head Brewers are often found wearing the coveted "Brew Boots," both for functionality and their stylistic features. Each of the two Head Brewers can operate all equipment; however each have their own specific tasks when brewing together. This generally works best so Head Brewer Lee does not break the hydrometer.

Head Brewer Wilen

Head Brewer Wilen's more specific brewing tasks include recipe formulation, measurement and data collection, and batch grain/hop additions.

  • Favorite EB Beer: Big Rock Lodge Lager
  • Favorite BJCP Beer Style: 6C - Kolsch or 14B - American IPA
  • Favorite Commercial Brew: Russian River Blind Pig IPA
  • Favorite Local Brewery: Fremont Brewing in Seattle, WA
  • Daily Occupation: Transportation Engineer
Head Brewer Lee

Head Brewer Lee's more specific brewing tasks include yeast propagation, equipment management, preaching for hoppy beers, and local hop farming.

Head Brewer Lee (left) and Head Brewer Wilen (right)

Assistant Brewers

On occasion, the EB Team has additional members. These Assistant Brewers often accompany the Head Brewers with equipment, supplies, cleaning, and other brew tasks. Most brew sessions will include one or more of the following assistants.

  • Eric G
  • Rob P
  • Kalem H
  • Jim L
  • Brandon H
  • Arden L - In training apprentice.
If you are interested in being an Assistant Brewer or just learning how Evergreen Brewing crafts up some amazing beers, keep an eye out on the website and Facebook for upcoming brew dates.